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The core Wolf team, boilermakers, draughtsman, engineer, quality managers, toolmakers, turners, welders and office staff, is made up of more than 30 people, and this page presents the core of the Wolf business, who we are, what we look like, our various responsibilities.

Our Code of Conduct

Please download and read the Wolf Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put Wolf’s values into practice. It’s built around the recognition that everything we do in connection with our work at Wolf will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct.

Our Values

Our values drive our behaviour and reflect how we interact with all our business stakeholders and interested parties be they customers, suppliers or staff.

The key principle we have that helps us maintain our enthusiasm and focus, even in the most trying of circumstances, is a grounding of everything we do in a bigger picture tied to a noble purpose. If all we were interested in was making money, we would be elsewhere.

So how do we see the world? Here's an example. Where others merely see a backhoe or face shovel as a piece of mining equipment, we associate that excavator, working in that coal pit as an essential component in powering our nation. We see ourselves as helping keep the nation warm at night, helping generate electricty for kids to do their homework. Understanding this context can help you deal with all sorts of demoralising obstacles and helps us maintain pride in what we do.

Here's another example of how we see the world. Every employee and member of staff with Wolf supports on average at least 4 people, some indeed support many more, the wider impact of our responsibilities toward these bread-winners and the huge impact on so many lives if we fail in what we do, is a responsibility we take seriously. Health and safety of our workers and the ability to look after our people is driven by this contextual view.

Lastly, we try and maintain balance. We laugh a lot, need to enjoy our work, and although we are serious about what we do, believe work must be fun and fulfilling.

If we do not live up to our values, please let us know!

Wolf Leadership

Background and Profile
NicoNico represents Wolf's BEE shareholders and provides board over-sight of the business. Nico holds a non-executive position in Wolf, but facilitates many of the strategic Wolf projects and new business development initiatives. Nico has held executive positions in various blue chip companies across Retail, Financial Services, FMCG and Telecommunications. He also holds personal interests in multiple business ventures across Commercial Property, Hospitality, Software, Manufacturing, Branding and Gifting. Much of the culture Wolf has adopted, and is developing, as in the manner in which it conducts itselfs with all our stakeholders and interested parties emanates from Nico's foundational belief in the importance of serving a Noble Purpose.
Ivan UttleyIvan has a B.Sc Engineering degree from UCT, and an MBA from INSEAD, France, and various qualifications from Wharton & Caltech. His 30 year career has taken him from New York to Toyko, and from London to Johannesburg with Paris, Houston and Frankfurt in between. He has worked on a wide range of businesses including automotive production lines, defense engineering, banking, insurance, eCommerce and IT services. He has extensive experience in strategy, business management, business restructurings and process engineering. Ivan is the custodian of Wolf's ISO 9001/2015 accreditation and overall Quality Management and continuous improvement activities. He is responsible for Wolf's Finance, Compliance, Strategy and overall business alignment.