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Before you explore our capabilities and what we do, there are key questions you will need some clarity on:

The industries we support

We have key industries that we support across all of manufacturing and heavy industry, these are:

Geographies we Support

Our customers are located across sub-Saharan Africa:

How we can support your operations

We have a Johannesburg based workshop but also accommodate your on-site requirements as this is often the most practical way in which to support your business needs. We understand that 24/7 production demands immediate solutions and if the situation so demands, we will mobilise and work on-site to get you up and running again.

How to Engage with us

It's important to us that you do what's easiest for you. You have a number of options, you can either:

Although you might not have the following information, think about:

After we understand what your needs and demands are, we will:

Brochures and Take-away material

Click here to download and read our brochure.

For examples of the wide range of projects we work on, please visit our gallery.

If you require references, then just ask. The references we will give depend on your industry, the scope of work, and problem you need solved.